Little Prayers

Today has been an amazing day in a most unusual way. And it's only 11:00 am!

While I do try to have a daily quiet time with the Lord and at least pray for my immediate family and a few other pressing concerns, I'm ashamed to say that I would never consider myself a huge prayer warrior. Oh, I've wanted to be, and I'm sure I do pray more than the average Joe, but still...can you ever really feel like you pray enough? I don't.

But today it's been as though God as arranged for me to spend some extra time with Him by sending a few people to knock on my door, so to speak. It's like He's said, if you won't sit down with me and chat on your own, I'll just send some people to request your presence on My behalf.

In fact, as I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning having my quiet time, I got the first request. My college boy texted me, "Big test, pray for me." Now that got to me on several levels. Ah, to have your grown son ask you to pray for him. Mmm, mmm. Does a mother's heart good. So of course I texted him back that I would pray immediately. And I did.

Next my daughter texted me (ah, we are such a modern family!) with a dilemma at school. She was in a situation with an adult supervisor that she didn't quite know how to handle. Frankly, neither did I. So I prayed about it and responded to the text with what I hope to be a godly answer.

Well, God's little nudges haven't stopped there. I have received one prayer requests after another all morning. Little things that simply needed a little answer. Friends and family members with little issues that certainly seemed big to them coming to me via Facebook, e-mails, phone calls, and blog posts. But the good new is, while they may seem like little requests requiring short, little prayers, they are not little to God. He cares, He listens, and He works.

My latest requests came from my friend Adele who is the director at our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. She had called about a totally unrelated issue, but mentioned at the end of our conversation that I could pray for heat. That's right, heat. Evidently the center is having a few issues with the powers that be and can't get the heat turned on.

Because I have a feeling this issue isn't going to be quickly resolved without a little help from a Higher Power that Be, maybe you would like to join me in praying for this need. I'd appreciate it and so would Adele, Anna Marie, and all the volunteers. It may seem like a little thing, but not to them, and fortunately, not to God.

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