Going Rogue or Just Off the Beaten Path?

For a 40-something year old journalism major I seem to have to look up an awful lot of words in the dictionary these days. Add one more to the ever-growing list.

Rogue: resembling or suggesting a rogue elephant especially in being isolated, aberrant, dangerous or uncontrollable.

I'm not sure this is the definition Sarah Palin or her editors had in mind when they chose this title for her autobiographical book, nor am I sure it is the one her handlers were referring to when she continued to push their buttons and frustrate their micromanaging plans. But it does seem to fit. In a good way that is.

I don't want to turn this blog into a political format, so I will try to steer clear of polarizing ideology in this post, but I do want to give my take of Sarah Palin's Going Rogue, which I just finished reading a couple of nights ago. If you suspect my take, reflected in the title of this post, might offend you, I urge you to click away for today and come back tomorrow.

After reading Palin's book I am simply more convinced than ever of a few things and wide-eyed with amazement about a few other things:

"I had to stop walking for a second. I rarely stop. I sat down on the grass and prayed, 'God, thank You. Thank You for Your faithfulness...always seeing us through...I don't know if this chapter is ending or just beginning, but You do, so I hand it all over to You again. Thanks for letting me do that.' Then I thanked our Lord for every single thing we'd been through that year. I believed there was a purpose in it all."

So that's my take on Palin. Bottom line, I like her. Comments are open, but keep it sweet. Like I said, I'm not trying to be political, but I did want to share with you my take on one godly woman who may or may not have gone rogue, but she definitely went off the beaten path. Good for her.


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