Not So Wordy Wednesday

What language do you speak? Love language that is. I speak the language of gifts. And fortunately for me, many people in my life either speak that language too or they've learned to speak "gifts" just for me.

The thing about people whose native love tongue is gifts is that we truly remember who gave us every single gift we've ever received. When I look at a gift, even years after I've received it, I see the giver every bit as much as I see the gift. To this day I remember who all gave me every piece of my china when I got married. Truly I do.

So today, with fewer words than usual anyhow, I share with you some of the people I see every day when I see the gifts they gave me.

My Sunday School Class in Texas
My husband James

My brother Jimmy


My daughter Abigail




My Dad (made the table and gave me the violet)

My Mom

My Son Daniel

I think it's important to enjoy the gift but always remember and be grateful toward the giver of the gift. And that's why today I encourage us to remember the Giver "of every good thing and every perfect gift" (James 1:17) as we enjoy those blessings. 

Enjoy the gift, but love the Giver.