This is My Blog on Drugs

Today's post is a direct result of taking pseudo-ephedrine. That's the decongestant you can only get by showing your driver's license to the pharmacist and going on some cyber-record as having bought the stuff so that if they ever suspect you of having a meth lab in your home, they can shut you down. Or something like that. But it's the only decongestant that will break through my sinus headache and thus, I have taken a small dose this morning.

Problem is, the stuff makes me pretty loopy. My mind races from one thing to the next like a rabbit running from a fire. And so today's blog post will undoubtedly reflect my loopiness.

Tonight our church's youth group begins a Disciple Now weekend. Unfortunately my headache (actually it's a face-ache) prevents me from describing this wonderful program in detail, so I'm providing a link to a somewhat lame explanation on Wikipedia. Click here for some Wiki writer's interpretation of a phenomenal Christian youth movement that has truly transformed youth discipleship around the nation (world?). If you'd like a better explanation you can probably ask any youth minister.

At any rate, I'd really appreciate it if you'd pray for our youth, including my charming daughter. Just say a quick prayer asking God to settle these kids enough to get their ears and their hearts. Ask Him to do a mighty work in their lives, bringing them to a greater realization of how important it is to be saturated in Him. That's the curriculum they're using: Saturate. Also pray for the students and the ministry leader from the University of Arizona Christian student ministry that will be coming to lead our D-Now. Pray for their safety, their focus, and their ability to engage our kids in real dialogue about their relationships with the Lord.

Moving right along to my next thought.

My blogger friend Marla Taviano is having a great sale on her book Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time at her blog site.

You can find the prices and a link to find out more about the book here. I've ordered a box of them for our women's ministry to give to new moms. You might like to do the same or order just a few to tuck in your baby shower gifts in the future. Hanging around so many new moms lately has reminded me how badly these young women need a fresh word from God during this huge transition. Marla is a great writer (friendly and easy to listen to - like talking with your best friend) and she has written a true word of encouragement and perspective for new moms. The sale is only through midnight EST today, so hurry. However, Marla's such a sweetie that she might still give you a price break if you read this after Friday too. Maybe if you offer her some chocolate or something.

Brain is rushing right along!

Valentine's Day will appear on the scene before I post again on here. So, Happy Valentine's Day. Don't forget to express an extra dose of love to your loved ones.

I like it that the big day is on Sunday this year. After all, we have no more precious valentine than our Jesus, the one who wrote the most loving valentine in all of history 2000+ years ago. Written in crimson red, He declared his undying love for us by dying for us. And so this year we have the added advantage of gathering in our places of worship to thank Him for that ultimate expression of love. I encourage you to not get so caught up in the hoopla of boxed candies and roses that you forget to spend a little time with the Lover of your soul, Jesus. Bottom line? Get out of bed and go to church!

Well, thanks for hanging in there with me through my ramblings. If you're on drugs too, then this probably all made perfect sense to you. If not, then take note: This is what my blog looks like on drugs!

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