And Then You Pay the Piper!

We had the most fantastic time on our Spring Break journey up Highway 1 on the coast of California last week! I am still amazed at how wonderfully the whole trip went.
God blessed us with a wonderful vacation and my heart is still thrilled today. I promise pictures on Wednesday, but today I must pay the piper - not God - I don't have to pay Him. He is simply gracious and good and requires no payment for the multitude of blessings he rained down on my family this past week. But, even though I tried to get a lot of work done before skipping away to play in California, I am, alas, behind with some deadlines. Well, not really behind. I don't want you to think I don't meet deadlines. But if I don't get in gear here soon, I will be behind. I must type my little fingers off today to meet two deadlines by tomorrow morning.

So thanks so much for those of you who did trail maintenance with me last week. I loved reading your comments and was so glad you joined me out on the trail, but I wasn't capable of commenting back any last week. Yes, my son had his laptop with him and we had free wifi in most of the hotels, but he's 19. Enough said. So, again, I'm grateful you worked along with me last week.

Sorry for such a random post today - I guess it's sort of a post-vacation type thing. Please pray for me to get my work done today and I'll pray for productive days for all of you too. You are my joy!!!