Ministry Mondays

Now before you click away thinking, "Oh Ministry Mondays... Well that doesn't apply to me; I'm not in the ministry," take your hand off that mouse and think again. I'll have you know little missy, or little mister, that Ministry Mondays has everything to do with you!

When I left a recent Living Proof Live event in Tucson, I was spiritually pumped up and charged. Beth Moore had delivered another great message and thousands of women had been inspired, challenged, and convicted. I walked out of the huge arena bumping shoulders with women from all over who had reaped the benefits of Beth's huge ministry and we were returning to homes in approximately 35 states to put into action what we had learned.

But during the following week as I plodded along in my little ministry of mentoring MOPS moms, preparing my lessons for my women's Bible studies, and writing this blog and the Bible study I'm trying to finish up, I felt the demon of comparison sitting on my shoulder. He was whispering nasty little thoughts of jealousy and resentment into my ear and making me feel like none of what I was doing would ever amount to a hill of beans.

Fortunately God intervened.

He didn't choose to pat me on the head and say, "There, there, Kay," but instead He opened my eyes to all the wonderful acts of service going on around me that, though small, have a huge impact. I saw people just like you and me being obedient to do what God has called them to do even though the work is hard, slow, and often unnoticed. Many of those folks would probably have looked at me with a blank stare if I'd said anything to them about their "ministry." Like many of you, they probably don't look at their work as ministry in the same vein as what their pastor or Beth Moore or Billy Graham or James Dobson do. But the truth is, if you're passionate about something and you're using your God given spiritual gifts to do it and you're seeing God work in ways you can't explain, then that's your ministry.

I know men and women who minister to the homeless, the elderly, the sick, church visitors, young moms, teenagers, business men, college students, babies, ministers, missionaries, the disabled, grieving widows, and military families. And you think I'm talking about "other folks," but the fact is, many of you who are reading this blog post are the ones I'm thinking of. I'm thinking of Andrea, Patty, Lezlee, Shelly, Kim, Michelle, Jerry, Louise, Beth, Stephanie, Susan, and many more of you.

I don't think (though I'm not positively sure) that anyone who reads my blog has as "big" a ministry as Beth Moore does. And yet, when all is said and done, it very well may be that some of you are doing things that are ever bit as important and far-reaching and eternally significant as what that dear lady does.And I'm not trying to put her down or exalt you; I'm simply trying to help us all see that we do indeed have a ministry - a work that we do for the Lord as a service to His people or to those who are lost and that we do only by His strength and with His blessing.

And I know we all get discouraged, misdirected, frustrated, and baffled sometimes by the tasks God has given us to do. So that's why I've decided to dedicate Mondays to simply talking about ministry. I promise to keep it on our level - no talk of grand programs or huge numbers or the newest methods. We'll just be discussing things like how slow it goes, how rewarding it is, how to know when God is moving in a new direction, discovering your spiritual gifts, relying on His strength when yours is sapped, and the thrill of it all.

So I hope you'll join me on Mondays as we do a little shop talk. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from you. Would you do me the honor of letting me and other readers know about your ministry? Just leave a brief comment saying what act of service God has allowed you to do and given you such a passion for that you have come to the realization that "hey! This is my ministry!" Remember, it doesn't have to be some formal church title. It can be "ministering to my neighbors" or "helping young moms learn the ropes" or "using my home to make others feel the love of God" or "praying for deployed soldiers and their families" or "taking meals to grieving families." You name it. Anything God has given you to do for others and for Him counts.

Blessings, sweet minister. You have a rocking day!