Not So Wordy Wednesday

A Star is Born
(A Short Story)

There once was  is a girl named Abigail. She once was asked to play the part of Sophia Spaghetti in the Christmas play "A Star is Born." In this delightful play, Sophia is a sophisticated and highly sought after actress who is asked to play the part of Mary in the Christmas play. Confused yet?

Sophia honestly thinks she is the star of the play - the Christmas play that is. Do you see where this might be a little bit of a problem? So for the duration of the play the rest of the cast and the befuddled director have to deal with this primadona and try to convince her to quit upstaging the baby Jesus, which of course no one can really do anyway. Sophia makes a fool of herself and everyone laughs. How ridiculous to believe you could be the star of any play in which Jesus plays a part.

Bet you never saw Mary wearing a boa before!

As the years passed, Abigail was given more opportunities to star in other plays. And she caught the fever. She loves acting every bit as much as Sophia Spaghetti. And, truth be known, she also loves being in the limelight as much as Sophia too.

Abby as Patty Simcox in Grease

Patty dancing with Danny in Grease.

Induction into the National Thespian Society

But unlike Sophia, Abigail knows that Jesus is the star - of the Christmas story, of The story, and of her story. I'm very thankful that, though she isn't perfect, Abby truly tries to put Christ in the spotlight of her life. She is praying for her lost friends, telling them about her faith in God, and inviting them to church.

After her most recent show, "Scapino"

And just this past weekend God sent a very special messenger, someone Abby respects and loves, to remind her to never sell herself out in order to get parts or "make it," as he did (according to his own testimony) during his own stint in New York. He encouraged her instead to be a beautiful Christian actress who influences the world for God. To remain humble and let Jesus shine. Thank you Joe. It may be too late for Sophia, but Abby seems to be getting it.

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