Build My House Thursdays - Order...Order in the Home!

With God's character and His Word as our foundation, we begin building our homes today the Psalm 127 way. We're not going to labor in vain, for pete's sake. We're going to let "the Lord build the house" so we have homes that reflect well on Him, act as safe harbors for our families, and shine like beacons in our communities.

Where to start? At the beginning of course.

I love how the Bible begins with "In the beginning God created..." Our divine Author sees no need to explain who He is, where He's come from, or why He is the central character in our Book. He simply He is the great I AM; He always was and always will be. But, I digress.

In the beginning God created. He created our home -- the heavens and the earth. You can read the creation story in Genesis 1-2, but I'm going to move on from there quite quickly today. I am most intrigued by the way God created. I think it is here that we see our very first building block for a home that bears God's mark.


When I create things I tend to make a haphazard, willy-nilly mess. When I sew, my kitchen table and the surrounding area look like a bomb went off in a fabric store. There are pieces of fabric and thread everywhere. When I cook, pots and pans quickly mount up on my counter tops and shreds of celery, carrots, and onions accumulate in my sink. My recipe gets stained with tomato juice or dish water, and my dogs hang around anticipating flying shreds of grated cheese falling to the floor. And don't even get me started on what it looks like when I attempt to do a little scrap-booking. Let's just say I'm real good at the scrap part, but not so great with the book part.

But when God creates, He creates order. That's why I know the whole evolution and big bang theories aren't correct. I don't find record of God doing anything with a big bang in the Bible. No, He simply spoke the world into existence in a very logical order. He didn't have scraps lying around like I would have. Nothing got stained from a haphazard spill. And there were no left-over parts that caused God to scratch His head and tuck them out of sight until He figured out where they belonged later. God creates with order.

Alexander Pope wrote, "Order is Heaven's first law." I think he has something there, and order might ought to be the first law of our homes as well.

An orderly home makes its inhabitants and guests feel peaceful, secure, calm, protected, and refreshed. Disorder, on the other hand, causes us to feel restless, ill at ease, distracted, and even skiddish.

So how do we create homes where order reigns? Well, how did God do it?

The way I see it and the way I read the Bible, God creates order through:
I suggest we simply follow God's blue print and build our houses accordingly. I'm going to give you a few of my ideas for how to flesh this out in our homes, and I welcome you to give me some of yours.
So those are some of my ideas for creating an orderly home. Remember, the goal here is to create homes of order so our spirits are refreshed and our family lives are enjoyable. We're not going to win any awards for having the cleanest closets or the most spotless garages (although I certainly feel more like a winner when my house sparkles than when it's full of clutter and dust!). But an orderly home certainly sets the tone for a thriving family life. I think it's worth the effort. Don't you?

Remember, I'd love to hear your ideas for creating and maintaining order in your home. Thanks for sharing!