Is It Time to Set Sail?

"Asher kept his distance on the seacoast, safe and secure in his harbors." (Judges 5:17)

There was a battle going on just miles away. The brother tribes of Zebulon and Naphtali could have used their help. But the tribe of Asher kept their distance. They clung to their treasured coastline and kept away from the raging war. 

But Asher also evidently didn't venture out into the sea. They stayed safe and secure in their harbors. They neither engaged in the battle to their east nor sailed into the waters of adventure on their west. Asher stayed put in a harbor of complacency.

Where are you today? Are you avoiding the spiritual battles that are being waged around you? Are you keeping a safe distance from the sanctity of life battle? Do you figure the poor and homeless can fight their own battles that they somehow got themselves into? Are you trying to avoid the battles with hunger and poverty? Do you consider the war against human sex trafficking to be beyond your scope of influence? Do the arguments about the ethics of our modern culture seem too sticky to involve yourself in? 

Granted, these are some big battles and involvement is risky.

What about the smaller, but just as significant battles that are closer to where you live? 

What about the war to win the hearts and minds of men and women, boys and girls for the kingdom of Christ? What about the battle that parenting well sometimes requires? What about the battles that are best fought on your knees? The long and arduous prayers for our country's leaders, schools, and families? Are you engaging in those battles?

Or are you sticking close to the shores of complacency? Not engaged in the battles within sight and certainly not sailing into the unknown to look for adventure?

I am convicted by the poor example of the tribe of Asher. I cannot point a finger and shake my head in disgust. All too often I have watched the battle from the seashore. And all too often I have clung to the safe harbors, the inland creeks, insisting they were enough for me, rather than venturing into the unknown.

Don't know for sure if you need to be charging off to battle or not? Don't know for sure if an adventure is in order right now? Me neither. But let's at least keep our heads up, our ears tuned in, and our eyes wide open to the possibilities. Let's ask God to give us a willing spirit. And let's allow Him to put the wind of adventure in our sails when the time is right.