Not So Wordy Wednesday

Today, in my effort to share fewer words than I did yesterday (because yesterday I think we'll all agree I surpassed my weekly quota), I give you some of my daughter's recent words instead. I realize not all of you have the thrill, currently, of living with a 16-year-old girl, so you might get a kick out of hearing from one. Those of you who do have a teenage girl in the home can commiserate with me.

Recent quotes (as in the last 48 hours) from Abby:

"Oh, mom, I'm supposed to bring a finger food to costume day this afternoon. What could you fix?"

"Oh, I need lunch money....well, I had to use that $20 to pay for something in Student Council, so I need more."

Phone call from aforementioned costume day, "Mom, I'm thirsty....well, could you bring me something to drink?...Well, Fatima and Tia brought these really hot taquitoes and now we're all really thirsty and we can't enjoy ourselves. Could you bring us all something to drink?....About 8....Anything would be great....I love you more than chocolate biscuits!"
*Note: Fortunately "costume day" was being held at the elementary school directly behind my house.
*Note: Abby often tells me she loves me more than chocolate biscuits, but I don't think she's ever even had one. Kind of diminishes the sentiment...

"We need more milk."

"Wednesday, sophomores are supposed to bring desserts to the Student Council banquet. What can you make?"

"It was Happy Hour at Starbucks? Why didn't you bring me one?"

"I love you more than chocolate biscuits."

"I think this pasta is a 'no.' It has too many vegetables in it and not enough noodles....Well, you may like it, but it's not for me...Well, just don't make it again when I'm around then."

"We need more milk."
*Note: Abby drinks a lot of milk.

"Oh, Friday is salad day in Thespians. Can you make me a potato salad?"

"Don't forget to make a dessert for tonight. What are you making?...I guess that's ok."

"Have a good day, Mom! I love you more than chocolate biscuits!"


Well, I'll leave you with that today. I'm off to make a pound cake and buy some potatoes!

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