Could You Mention Me in Your Prayers?

I could use a few good words on my behalf today. That is, I'd like for you to ask God for a few favors on my account.

I had another blog post planned and ready to go today, but I've spent the better part of the day reviewing and editing the galley proofs for my Bible study that's being published. The galley is looking fine and I know the book is going to turn out well, but I must admit I'm a little frustrated with things.

I won't go into details; they're not major things anyhow. But I've hit a few bumps in the road that are getting me down. My frustration is making it hard to concentrate, hard to work, hard to refrain from biting the heads off my dear family members and friends!

So I'd really appreciate it if you'd just offer up a quick prayer for me today. God already knows all the details because I've had a running conversation with Him about the whole ordeal all day long. So if you'll just mention my name - Kay - and let Him know that you're rooting for me, I bet He'll know what you're referring to.

Thanks a heap! And I promise to be back here tomorrow with a more upbeat and less needy post! Blessings to you all, you dear blog hoppers!

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