A House of Faith and Faithfulness

Do you remember the music from your wedding? It just occurred to me that my husband and I included two songs in our marriage ceremony that reflected the next two foundational characteristics for a home that honors and reflects well on God: faith and faithfulness.

Through teary eyes and with a shaky voice I joined James and all of our guests for two verses and the chorus of Great is Thy Faithfulness, my very favorite hymn. That song reminds us that God is faithful, reliable and true.

Then two of my husband's dear friends encouraged us to build a Household of Faith through their stirring duet. That song reminds us to demonstrate our own faithfulness to God in our homes. God's faithfulness and our faith - two parts of a godly home.

Great is Thy Faithfulness
I think our homes need to reflect God's faithfulness. They need to be places where our children learn of the dependability and reliability of our God. They need to demonstrate to our neighbors and friends that we have a God who is good all the time. And when we return to our homes after venturing into our crazy, whacky world, we need to be reminded and reassured that our good and faithful God is in control.

It may seem like a lofty and even obscure goal - a home that reflects God's faithfulness - but here are some of my ideas for creating homes that remind us, our children, and our guests that we have a God who is faithful:
A Household of Faith
So we've talked about creating a home that reflects God's faithfulness to us; but how do we build our homes to also reflect and even strengthen our faithfulness to Him? Here are a few ideas:
 Well, those are my ideas for building our homes to reflect God's reliable faithfulness and our growing faith. I'd love to hear your ideas as well! Blessings to you all!