My Summer Reading Program

When I was a kid, one of the first rites of summer was going to the library, signing up for the summer reading program, picking up my official summer reading program log, and checking out that first batch of books. Summer may have been for taking swimming lessons and shelling butter beans and eating dinner on the back screened in porch, but it was also for reading.

Nowadays when I go to the library in May or June it's all I can do to keep from picking up one of those neon green reading program logs and outlining my pursuit of the 25 or 50 or 100 book level (of course I haven't read 100 books in a single summer since I left behind the Small family in the children's section). But when I hesitate at the library counter and look wistfully at the summer reading program information and even reach out for one of the logs, my children inevitably roll their eyes and swat my hand in disgust save me from embarrassment and remind me I'm too old for that now.

So I don't have a summer reading program log, but I definitely do have a summer reading program. In fact, out of desperation to have some sort of legitimate summer reading program for adults like me, I invented my own a couple of summers my church. Our women's ministry now has a summer reading program. That's what happens when the leader of the women's ministry has a thing for childhood activities.

I We choose three books that I'd we'd like to read during the summer and offer to order them for anyone interested. Late in July we have a "Books and Breakfast" on a Saturday morning where we gather over a casual breakfast and break into three discussion groups to discuss the three books. You can read all three books (as I always do) but you can only participate in one discussion group, unfortunately. There is currently no reward for the women who have read the most books, but I may have to work on changing that. (Just kidding!)

In light of my love for summer reading, I thought I'd share with you what's on my night stand during these hot months (since my local library obviously doesn't care enough to let me fill out a reading log!). I'm one of those folks that reads about three books at a time, but I usually do finish them all. Maybe you'll find something from my list that will interest you.

Now, on to my fiction selections!

So that's what I'm reading. However, I doubt that's where I'll stop. After all, I've got to read at least 25 books to get my certificate! Not really. There is no certificate in store for me. But summer is still for reading.

I'd love to know what you're reading. We all would. So leave your suggestions in the comment section. Have a great weekend and remember to take the time to read!

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