A Peach of a Day

Guess what I'll be doing today?

Something I haven't done in a long time!

I'll be filling these little jars with sweet peach preserves...

and hopefully a larger jar or two with sweet sliced peaches for use in peach cobblers in the future.

This is the result of an innocent, 1-minute conversation with my friend Stephanie while at a funeral yesterday. It went quickly from Stephanie asking, "Have you ever done in canning?" to "I'll bring you everything you need" to this showing up at my doorstep an hour later.

So, much to my surprise, I'm canning peaches today!

But first this...

In fact, I may have to make another pot! It's been a while since I've put anything edible in a sterile jar and sealed it with the hopes that it would still be edible months from now.

Wish me well!

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