Abby Road

I am interrupting our normally scheduled Trailblazer Tuesday to take a different kind of trail. I'm hitting the road today with my 16-year-old daughter to celebrate her last day of summer. So, with little time for a thought-provoking exegesis of the scriptures about a biblical hero, I'm taking a literary shortcut and skipping on out the door.

I can't believe the summer is over (at least for school kids and those related to them in any way), but alas the school year begins tomorrow. Abby and I will catch a movie, grab a quick Chinese lunch (her favorite) and do a little last minute school shopping (don't worry Mom, we're just getting one pair of shoes for the little fashionista!) in mourning celebration of the new school year. But more importantly, we will have to shift gears.
And so, without further ado, (because Abby is breathing over my shoulder and begging to hit the road), I'm off to say farewell to summer and hello to my daughter's junior year of high school.

Have a great day and gobble up the remaining crumbs of summer while you can!