And the Winners Are...

Good morning!

I have just spent the last 30 seconds trying to figure out if good morning is one word or two. Obviously it is Monday...

And to those of you who saw this post when the title read "And the Winers Are..." I offer my sincerest apologies. Again, it's Monday...

I have winners (not winers!) to announce this morning.

I am so thrilled that some of you want to get a copy of my new book Last! and check it out for a possible Bible study group. I'm also glad that others of you are interested in a copy for your own personal use.

And I have good news! I'm giving a copy to each of you who lead groups and let me know that you're interested in perhaps teaching it to a small group in the future! I have enough complimentary copies to give one to all of you.

So I need addresses for:

Shelly@Life on the Wild Side
Mason Dixon Camp
Vernon Family

You will each receive a copy in hopes that you will look it over, go through the study if you wish, and maybe order more for a group study. Of course you're not committing to ordering more by receiving this copy. It's just my hope that you'll give the study a thorough look-through and consider using it in the future, or pass it on to someone who might.

More than anything I want women to use this study as an aid to help them see what God's Word says about satisfying our souls' every desire. For that purpose, I want to get the book in women's hands. I'm not concerned about making a big profit or receiving any accolades; I just want to share a very important message that God laid on my heart.

I wish I could give a copy of the book to everyone else who left a comment. Unfortunately, I just don't have the finances to do that. But I am giving one copy away to an interested student.

I randomly chose:


to receive a free copy of Last!  Leah, I'll need your address as well.

So congratulations ladies, and get me those addresses. I won't have the books for another week or so, but I'll ship them to you as soon as I get them!

Blessings to you all and thanks so much for your interest in my new book. This isn't the last you'll hear about it, I'm sure!

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