Tribute to a Man and His Ministry

Friday our church lost one of our treasured ministers. Bill had served 6+ years as our church's education minister and had just recently switched hats to become our minister of administration while still carrying the load of education until that position could be filled. At 60 years of age, we all thought he'd be around a lot longer. God had other plans.

I miss Bill already. I missed him last week even before he moved on to heaven. He was on vacation last week and so I didn't see him at church on Sunday and I missed his ready smile and gentle words. I also missed him on Wednesday when I poked my head into the office after teaching Bible study and needed to get his signature on a reimbursement form. I missed him Wednesday night when he wasn't at his usual place greeting folks as they showed up at the church for the various Bible study groups he helped coordinate. And I missed him Thursday when I dropped by the office again to check on something. Bill was the kind of guy whose absence you noticed and felt.

Bill will be sorely missed.

I've been through a lot of teacher training, Sunday school leadership workshops, church growth training, etc. But when I met Bill I knew this man could still teach this old dog a few tricks. And he did. I'd like to share with you a few of the things this godly servant personally taught me.
Bill taught me a lot about serving. I'll continue to reflect on those things for a long time. But most importantly Bill was a good friend. My husband and I have enjoyed serving with Bill and his darling wife Stephanie as much as we've enjoyed any other staff members we've had the privilege of ministering alongside. We've been blessed with some great staff members through the years, but Bill and Stephanie definitely make the top cut. They've always demonstrated servant hearts, true love, godly attitudes, deep loyalty, and genuine friendship.

Please join me in rejoicing with the angels over Bill's homecoming and praying for Stephanie and her family in their loss.