Welcome to the Hop!

I love to host parties around here, so today we're participating in a Blog Hop. It's a great way to meet other bloggers and perhaps make a few new BBFFs (Blogger Best Friend Forevers!). So click at the bottom of  the cute photo above (after you read my post, of course) and go meet some other hopping bloggers before you tackle the laundry or your kids' homework session or whatever job you are procrastinating about.

If you've hopped my way via the Blog Hop '10, introductions are in order. My name is Kay and I'm an Arizona transplant from Georgia by way of Texas. In other words, I'm a Peach Tree bearing fruit in the desert! No small feat, considering I'm still sporting my southern accent, a hankering for fried okra, and a love for Dogwood trees and Azaleas (of which there are none here).

But over the past five years I've gone from surviving to thriving in this beautiful high desert. My roots are going deeper and my heart is growing fonder of our 48th state. I've taken up hiking and backpacking as a result of having gorgeous mountains in my backyard. In fact my love for hitting the trails inspired the title of my blog, Off the Beaten Path.

At Off the Beaten Path I try to write something either encouraging, practical, or inspiring five days a week. Occasionally, if I've had enough coffee and the planets are lined up accordingly, I even write something witty. But you can always count on me for a little transparency. I like to keep it real and I like to point us all back to the One who anchors me every day - Jesus.

While I love relating to women in general, I have a real heart for women who are either walking with Jesus already or those who are seeking to know their God. If you are a woman who is walking off the beaten path of our culture and trying to stay on the narrow path blazed by Jesus, I invite you to meet me here occasionally throughout your week. I'm walking that path too, and I'd love to walk it with you.

Finally, you might also want to know that I'm a wife, mother of two teens, long-distance daughter and sister, friend to many, and minister to women. I'd love to get to know you better. Feel free to nose around my blog and please come back, ya'll!

Now, click here and go to the Hop!