Friday Night Lights

Friday nights are big in Texas, big in Georgia, not so big in Arizona. We were amazed when we went to our first Arizona football game and there were approximately 12 people in the visitors' stands. Of course that is probably because those 12 folks drove close to 250 miles to see their team play.

But even if Friday nights are not that big in Arizona, they're big to the Harms family--or at least a portion of us.

Here's what Abby does on Friday nights:

No, she's not the spiffy little cheerio. She's the horse in a tutu.

That's my girl!

Abby is Becky and the male horse is Bucky. We're the Colts.

And here's what my husband does on Friday nights:

He announces the game...

What do I do? I take pictures of Abby and James and then I go home and enjoy a house to myself. :)

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