Go! Fight! Pray!

This week is homecoming week at our high school. Since my daughter runs everything there (we let her think she does anyway; we know better, of course), she is very busy this week.

She's painting on t-shirts and sweat shirts, making spirit cans out of hunting buckets, taking things like swimming noodles, candy, and goggles to school, and emceeing the pep rally. She didn't get to be Becky the mascot horse yesterday at the pep rally because she had to emcee it. She didn't like that. Poor baby, she just can't do it all. (But remember, she thinks she does, so shhh!).

But while Abby's running participating in homecoming, I'm joining up with something else that could hugely affect the high school this week. We're starting a new Moms In Touch group here in our town and I'll be going to the first prayer meeting in just a little while.

I called one of our assistant principals this morning who is also a Christian. (Thank God in heaven above for Christian administrators!) I asked her how we could best pray for the high school. And she, bless her heart, rattled off a list to me.

The list wasn't made up of hopeless details or woe-is-me's. It was a well-used and scriptural list straight from her own morning prayers. Here's what this administrator suggested we pray for:
I'll be sharing these prayer requests with my MIT group this morning and we'll be taking them to the Lord for our schools. Won't you join us today in praying for the teachers, staff and students in your local schools?

After all, a pep rally is one thing, but a prayer rally is even better. (Just don't tell Abby!)

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