Just Letting You Know

This isn't a new regular or weekly post category or anything, but today I just need to let you know a few things:
  1. They appear to show different commercials on the television during the day--ones that are dumbed down for the stay-at-home crowd. I paused for a bite to eat and a quick TV break around noon and I saw the most dumbfounding commercials I had ever seen. Presumably they assume that anyone who is home during the day and watching television is either a kid skipping school, an unemployed bum, or a sleep-deprived mommy. Thus, the different level of Madison Avenue propaganda...
  2. Putting candy corn in a big glass pumpkin and putting it on your sofa table with the rest of your fall decorations may seem like a good idea. But if you're the only one who likes candy corn it may not be. I am the only one to blame as the yellow and orange mound shrinks!
  3. My blogging friend Beth is having a great give-away at her blog: a couple of Starbucks gift cards in honor of her 300th post. But if you hurry on over there you'll not only have the opportunity to enter, but you'll get a taste of her brand of "sweet humor" too with her most current post. She's a delight and you really need to go meet her. If you enter the contest, let her know I sent you. I like to earn as many brownie points in the cosmic scheme of things as possible!
  4. No, I'm not really into the "cosmic scheme of things." I just like how that sounded.
And that's all I needed to let you know.