THEY Need to Get Themselves Over Here!

I don't know if it is communicated in the timbre of the above title, but I just wrote a very snippy, whiny, negative blog post. It was not pretty.

Then I deleted it. Consider yourself spared.

I don't often "hold my tongue." Not nearly as often as I need to. In fact, I did already zip off one fairly snippy e-mail this week in response to a snippy one that I received. That night I lay in bed and wished there was a way to retrieve it. Alas, there wasn't. The damage was done.

Hopefully the pitifully repentive telephone call I made the next morning at least made a dent in restoring my relationship with the recipient of that e-mail.

But this time I'm holding my tongue. Besides, I wasn't spewing my venom at anyone particular this time, just "them" or more specifically "they." But "you" don't need to hear what I had to say to or about "they." Trust me, it wasn't pretty.

And so, I've highlighted and deleted.

Colossians 4:6 says,

Your speech should always be gracious, 
seasoned with salt, so that you may 
know how you should answer each person.

Funny how just typing that scripture has calmed my spirit, removed some of the poisonous venom. 
Grace. It's a powerful thing. It's very similar to highlighting and deleting. But instead of leaving a vacuum, it fills in the empty space with love and joy and peace and patience...