This is What Hungry Looks Like

This is what hungry looks like on Heidi Montag. But we're all hungry. So lest we get on our high horse and tromp all over Heidi, let's admit that most of us have taken a wrong turn or two in our attempts to feed our hungry souls.

I'm with George Stephanopoulos on this one (we agree so rarely, it's worth noting when we're thinking alike!). It's sad. It's disturbing.

But here's the bigger tragedy.

There are hungry people all around us who are going to similar extremes to feed those empty spaces. There's nothing wrong with being hungry. But there's everything wrong with the ways some of us, perhaps most of us, have tried to feed those hungers in the past.

Whether you know someone who is craving to feel beautiful (like Heidi) or hungry to be appreciated or starving for affection or thirsty for significance or aching for a little love or clamoring for success or begging for purpose, you may be able to help them out a little. Tell them about the One who satisfies like no other. Show them what satisfaction looks like. Brag on the Lord who has satisfied your cravings. And give them a taste of hope.

No one should go hungry.