When It Finally Happens

Have you ever anticipated something with such excitement and hope that you knew if it actually happened you would jump up and down, spin around, and possibly die of exhilaration right there on the spot? And then when that thing actually happened (praise God from whom all blessings flow!) you didn't jump up and down but sat very still, you didn't spin around but simply breathed in and out, and you didn't die at all?

Yesterday I got some very good news. A very exciting thing happened to me... the kind of thing that if you'd told me even six months ago that it would happen, I'd have said, "Absolutely no way, spare an act of God." And that of course is exactly what it was...an act of God. A thing so huge and so inconceivable that I still haven't really wrapped my brain around it. And it might turn out to be even huger than it presently appears to be.

And yet, I'm sitting pretty calmly today. I'm not overcome with glee, but simply pleasantly at peace. In all it's grandeur it doesn't hold the glitz and glamor that I would have thought it did. It simply feels right, affirming, and good. Instead of strutting it like a new mink coat, I'm just wearing it like a comfortable new sundress. It feels right, but it doesn't feel like I thought it would.

And I'm so glad. I'm glad that such good news, such a good turn of events, such a neat assignment doesn't turn my head like it used to. After all, even when it's not raining roses, God is good every day, not just on the days when rainbows are shining in the distance.

I'm satisfied with my God every day. Today is an especially good day, but my God is especially good every day. That's a good feeling.

Unfortunately I'd better not let the cat out of the bag quite yet. Just pray for God to guide. Something good and amazing is in the works, but I'm not quite able to publicize it yet.

Indeed, God is good, very good.

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