While Others Let You Down...

Jesus never does.

He never lets you down. When you're satisfied through and through with Him, you can always have the consistency of having One in your life who will never let you down.

I've hinged my hopes on other people before. Some of them were and still are very loving, dependable, good-willed, good-intentioned, and good-hearted people. I hitched my satisfaction to my parents, my husband, my children, my friends... all wonderful people. But they've all, to a person, disappointed me at some point in my life.

I don't think that is earth shattering news to them or to anyone else. I've disappointed them, too. Probably two or three times to every one that they've disappointed me. That's just the nature of human relationships.

And those don't have to be huge disappointments, either, to qualify as stumbling blocks in my life. Maybe someone was late, unavailable when I needed them, short-handed, inattentive, distracted, in a bad mood or a dollar short. Maybe they didn't stroke my ego when I craved their words of affirmation. Maybe they didn't remember my birthday. Maybe they didn't speak to me immediately upon entering my presence.

It doesn't take much to disappoint most of us, does it?

And when we depend on people to feed our souls - to provide constant and unconditional love, to pay attention to us, to affirm us, to give us significance and worth, to be our constant companions - then we're just setting them up for failure and ourselves up for disappointment. Eventually, everyone will disappoint us.

But Jesus never does.

I've learned it's much smarter, wiser to depend on Jesus - the One who never lets us down - and give others grace. Sometimes people will tickle us pink with their attention and love and affirmation. Other times, not so much. But if we're not hinging our happiness on them, then they actually seem to exceed our expectations more often than they disappoint.

Just a little something to think about...

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