As It Truly Is...

Also, this is why we constantly thank God,
because when you received the message
about God that you heard from us, 
you welcomed it not as a human message,
but as it truly is, 
the message of God,
which also works effectively in you believers.
1 Thessalonians 2:13

This is one of those scriptures that we might be tempted to just breeze on by, seeing it as nothing more than introductory material, stage-setting stuff, but not worthy of any contemplation or study. But look at it again. Read it slowly, looking for the jewels tucked inside.

Ah, to recognize God's message to us for what it truly is... Whether we feel our toes being stepped on during the Sunday morning sermon, recognize a red flag as we head down a wrong path, receive a confirming message about a decision we've been wrestling with from an unsuspecting friend, or simply read the words straight from the Holy Bible, we need to be able to recognize a message straight from God for what it is...

life-changing wisdom

satisfying manna
thirst quenching refreshment

the sharp, discerning blade of a two-edged sword

powerful and pointed instruction

a matter of life and death

holy, holy, holy!

How often have I heard a word from the Lord and simply responded to it casually as I would a word from a friend or a newspaper columnist? How often have I considered a message from the Lord and tossed it about like some arbitrary piece of advice? And how often have I even clearly heard from the Lord but turned a deaf ear to the convicting words because I chose not to heed them?

Blessed are we when we, like the people in Thessalonica, receive the message of the Lord "as it truly is, the message of God," which has the capability of doing a mighty, astonishing, life-changing work in us!

Do I know God's Word to be what it truly is? Just something to think about...

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