Waiting With Anticipation

Have you ever spent the day waiting for a service person of some sort to come to your home? The washer repair man, the carpet cleaners, the air conditioner service person, the furniture delivery crew? If you have, you know that you don't dare leave your house for even a few minutes to run to the post office or grab a Subway sandwich because, if you do, that's exactly when your anticipated "guest" will arrive.

Recently, Southwest Gas had to turn off gas service to thousands of homes here in southern Arizona because of a decrease in pressure in the lines due to high demand of gas. So in the coldest days of the year many of our friends didn't have hot water, heat or gas for cooking.

As the pressure in the lines began to equalize, the gas company began to send service people around to homes to turn the gas back on. But the catch was that you had to be home to get your gas restored. So where do you suppose many residents spent their weekend? You got it. They stayed home -- in their cold houses. It may have been a little uncomfortable (although our houses here in Arizona tend to heat up during the day as long as there is adequate sunshine, and there was), but those folks weren't going anywhere as long as there was the hope of getting the heat and hot water restored.

They were waiting with anticipation.

This morning I read Matthew 24 in my daily Bible reading. This is one of the few passages in the Bible where Jesus is telling His followers about His second coming. He's letting them know that there is yet more to come. There will be a day when He will return for His followers and they, we, need to be ready.

When will Jesus come exactly? We don't know. The angels in heaven don't know. He doesn't even know, oddly enough. Only the Father knows (Matthew 24:36).

But we can know this: He is coming at an hour when we least expect it.

Therefore you also be ready, 
for the Son of Man is coming
at an hour you do not expect.
(Matthew 24:44)

I need to be ready. Just like the folks who stayed home and anticipated the return of their gas service, I need to be watching and ready for my Savior's return.

But unlike my neighbors, I can't just be home sitting idle as I wait for Jesus to come again. Matthew 24:45-46 indicates that I need to be busy and eagerly anticipating His return. 

So what does that look like, that eager anticipation? Well, it just so happens that I heard Charles Stanley preach on that very topic this past weekend. Here's what he suggested we be doing while we wait:
We usually grumble and complain and watch the clocks while we wait for service people to show up at our houses. But we sure are glad when they finally arrive. Sometimes they don't arrive, huh? But Jesus will surely come. And until He does, He encourages us to wait with joyful anticipation - watching faithfully, working diligently, and waiting patiently.

He is coming again. Are we ready?

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