Just So You Know...

I doubt anyone is really concerned about where I've been this week, but just in case some lone soul is scratching their head and stewing over my apparent disappearance from the blogging world, I thought I'd check in and let you know where I've been.

Absolutely nowhere.

I've been right here at my house glancing at the Internet ever so often, but having little to do with it. My two kids are on Spring Break this week, so I've taken a little break of my own. (I'm still reading my Bible every day...well I still have yet to read yesterday's selections, but I'll get caught up by mid-afternoon, I promise!) Other than a whirlwind shopping trip in Tucson to try to find my daughter a prom dress, we haven't really done much. But the break has been enjoyable all the same.

Mainly I've just enjoyed changing up my pace a little, focusing on my family, and staying away from "work." Not that the blog is really work, but it's still a part of my work day. So I just haven't made it a priority this week.

Every now and then we just have to shake things up a bit, huh? I know I do. I'm all for routine, but I need to skip it occasionally too. A little break seems to recharge me, help me appreciate what I have, and get re-focused.

So this week I've watched a little more mindless TV, taken longer walks, read a magazine or two, changed out my winter clothes for brighter spring ones, and played some table games. I also ate dinner all by myself on my back porch last night while the rest of my family ate at their favorite Mexican dive (not a favorite for me, but I think it's good for them to do some things without me, don't you?). It's been a good week to step back from the normal and just enjoy the change in weather, the potential of spring, and a little nesting.

When you change things up a bit, what do you do differently? Aside from taking a vacation and going somewhere, how do you take a little break from the normal pace? I'd love to know. And if anyone is still checking in here after my two day absence, I bet they'd love to know too!

Happy St. Patrick's Day all! And here's to Spring!