So He Can Increase

Every morning I read my Bible. I meet my Lord there. He speaks to me. He fills me up. He satisfies me.

But before He can fill me, I must empty myself. No small task. Like most people, I'm pretty full of myself.

Full of ambition.

Full of selfish pride.

Full of self-pity.

Full of dreams, desires, goals.

Full of schemes and plans.

Full of ideas and opinions.

Full of what I think I deserve.

Full. No room for anything more.


So, almost every morning, before I read my Bible I listen to (and sing along with) this song by Chris Sligh.

And many days I play it and sing it again later in the afternoon.

When John the Baptist's friends fretted over Jesus stealing their guy's limelight, they came to John and said something like, "Hey man, that guy that was here the other day...the one you baptized...well, now he's baptizing people and everyone's going to Him. We're losing our crowd! He's stealing our thunder! What are you going to do about it?"

And John simply said, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Easier said than done, but oh so necessary.