Someone to Fight My Battles

It's bad enough when you're in the midst of a tumultuous situation. I've been there and you have too.

You feel like you can't quite get your head above water. The waves of frustration, disharmony, friction, or simple, ugly trouble keep washing over you like foaming, salty ocean water. One troubling situation compounds another. One conversation gone south converges with another. One hurtful gesture adds salt to the wound of another.

Fortunately, my life has not seen many of these troubling days. But I've known my share. You have too.

Like I said, that's bad enough. But to add insult to injury, I tend to get in such a stew over such situations that I expect someone to come to my rescue. I resent it when others, friends even, tend to turn a blind eye to my misfortune. I want everyone to sit up and take notice. I want their pity, their compassion, their attention. Mostly, I want someone to step up and help me fight off the never ceasing waves. I want someone to come alongside me, to step up to the enemy line, to fortify me with their own additional forces, to be on my team.

I want someone to fight my battles for me, with me at least.

Today I read in 1 Samuel 8:19-20:

Nevertheless the people refused to 
obey the voice of Samuel;
and they said,
"No, but we will have a king over us,
that we also may be like all the nations,
and that our king may judge us
and go out before us
and fight our battles."

I guess that's a common feeling, to want someone to go before you and fight your battles. I guess no one wants to be alone when the going gets tough. I guess, indeed, misery likes company. 

But it occurred to me today as I read these words from God's Word that I just end up splashing around aimlessly in the billowing waves of despair when I add insult to injury by pouting over the fact that no one else is as invested in my own personal battle as I am. The truth is, while I have friends and family who care and lend a hand when they can, no other person can fight my battles for me. 

But I know One who can. In fact, He is more than willing to go before me, shield me, defend me, and stomp out the enemy for me. He gives me adequate armor to fight my part of the battle, but He also surrounds me with an invisible army that fortifies and defends me. 

Are you looking to someone else to fight your battles today? Are you resenting the fact that the government, your lawyer, your best friend, your spouse, your mentor, or some other "helpful" agency isn't defending you ferociously enough, working for you fast enough, or making things happen quickly enough? Have you spent time on the phone trying to solve your problems, but little time on your knees? Are you getting the run-around? Are you wondering who's on your side?

Quit looking for "a king" to go before you and fight your battles. Instead, look to the King of kings, the sovereign God. He is for you, so who can be against you? And, trust me, He's enough. Really, He is.