The Lover of My Soul

Ok, so here's the truth. I've been holding out on you for a few days. The fact is, while I've been "walking through the Bible" lately, I've been meandering through the gardens and courtyards and bed chambers of Song of Solomon. I say meandering because most any time I read SOS, I'm pretty much lost.

I've been to conferences on this book of poetry, read commentaries on it, and heard sermons preached from it, but I still get extremely a little intimidated any time I have to turn to the Song of Solomon. If you've spent any time reading or studying SOS you probably know that most commentators agree that it is both a book about Jesus' extreme and passionate love for us and a book about the intimate and fiery love between a husband and a wife.

I don't like touching such flammable material with a ten foot pole! Much less do I care to try to accurately interpret any of these dual meaning scripture passages on this blog for my three readers. So, even though it appears I'll be reading such poetic lines as "His body is carved ivory inlaid with sapphires" and "Like a piece of pomegranate are your temples behind your veil" and, my favorite, "Your teeth are like a flock of sheep which have come up from the washing; every one bears twins, and none is barren among them" for at least two more days, I'll not be attempting to parse any such scriptures for you here on this blog. I suggest you visit for that and let one of my favorite experts on the book, Tommy Nelson, talk you into doing one of his Bible studies or conferences on the book. That way you can squirm your way through it on your own.

But here's what I will offer you from my stroll through Solomon's romantic song of passion:

Jesus can satisfy every longing of the soul, 
even the longing for romantic
intimate and passionate love.

How does that hit you? 
I may not understand all the implications of Song of Solomon, but I do know that as I've read my two or three chapters from this romantic book each day for the past few days, my soul has been fed. I may not comprehend every poetic phrase I'm reading, but I feel the love and passion and intimacy behind the words.

As I've read through SOS I've been reminded that Jesus loves me passionately. He fights my foes for me, defends my honor, comes to my rescue, and shields me from harm. How much more romantic can you get? He professes His love to me openly and unabashedly. He has written a book for me full of romantic stories, poetry, songs and intimate love letters. He speaks so gently and reassuringly to me. Besides that,

He died for me.

And now "He walks with me and talks with me, and He tells me I am His own." And one day He's coming to take me home to His father's house. Hmmm. Romantic, huh?

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? I may not be an expert on Song of Solomon, but this I know. Jesus loves you...all the way!