We Could Use Some Prayer

Well, oddly enough, right after I posted that last post about my daughter Abby last week, she got sick. And I mean she's been pretty sick. The kind of sick that makes a mama worry and lose sleep and do a lot of praying for things like health and wisdom and stamina and peace. So that's why I've not been blogging since then.

All in all, I think I've managed to keep my sanity and certainly my peace. I've tried to pray instead of worry. And I've really trusted the Lord through this. But still, ya'll, it's hard when your baby girl is not feeling well and you don't know why. So I've been absorbing every good thing my God has given me over the last week or so from His Word, but I haven't been passing it on to anyone much. I even had to miss my Bible study classes that I teach on Wednesdays. So I just really haven't done much pouring out of what God has been giving me. Other than the fact that I've been living on every last morsel of it myself.

And now I come to you simply to ask for your prayers. Abby is doing somewhat better and the doctor has prescribed some medications that we hope address the correct problem sufficiently, but I don't think we're out of the woods here yet. Fortunately, she has been on a school fall break this week, so she's been able to rest a lot. She missed most of the week at school last week. And we just started the medications today.  But I really could use some prayer for her -- her health and stamina -- and for me -- to have patience and faith and strength and motherly compassion. I'm weary. She's weary. We just need a boost.

So if you dropped by here today, and I guess you did if you're reading this, I apologize for not giving you anything. Instead I'm asking you to give me something. I need your support. Would you say a prayer for Abby and me? Thanks so much dear friend.