Close Encounters

Have you met one-on-one with your Maker recently? I'll admit, it's not always easy making time to meet intimately with our God. Obviously He's not too busy for me, but I, as ridiculous as it sounds and really is, find it challenging to squeeze Him into my "busy schedule" some days. Shame on me. Truly. Shame.

Our God invites us to meet with Him often. And He promises great benefits to those who take the time to come into His presence, sit at His feet, listen to His still, quiet voice, and learn from Him. For instance, He promises to let us in on the mysteries of His glory. He promises to make us His intimates. And He promises to give us abiding peace.

Today I read in Isaiah 6 the familiar account of Isaiah's holy moment with God. "Holy, holy, holy!" said the seraphim who attended the Lord sitting on His throne, high and lifted up. An amazing passage that never fails to send goose bumps and a chill up our spines. Ah, the majesty and splendor of it all.

What happened when Isaiah came into the very presence of God?
Won't you make time in your "busy schedule" to spend time with your God today? I promise, it will be well worth it. I'd love for you to share with me what you gain from spending time with God.