Help! Time is Slipping Through My Fingers!

Just when I renew my commitment to blog at least four days a week, along comes a day like today.

I've been trying for four hours to sit down, read my daily Bible passages from the Old and New Testaments, Psalms and Proverbs, and blog. But it's just not happening. Oh, I got the Bible read. Thank God for that! I needed it. But I don't have time to formulate thoughts on what I read that would remotely benefit you or even me.

I'm just praying for God to do one of those supernatural "His Word will not return void" things with what I read today. Because mulling it over just isn't happening.

I'm trying to tie up the loose ends on my message for this weekend's retreat in Williams, Arizona, but I'm not even sure that's going to happen. Time is slipping through my fingers.

My daughter has needed me to do several things (legitimate things, too, I must add) that have pulled me away from my intentions. Plus the phone has wrung numerous times, one of my editors sent back a submission for a rewrite (yuck!), the dogs have been exceptionally whiny, and the laundry has piled up beyond the point of ignorance being bliss. It has to be dealt with before I leave tomorrow morning.

So, there are no great spiritual truths to be found here today. Hopefully I'll gather the time to write something a little more worthwhile soon, because I'd hate to leave this shameful post for all the world to see (yeah...right) for too long.

But here's what I do have. A question.

What do you do when your day seems out of control, when time starts slipping through your fingers like loose socks falling from my piles of laundry? How do you pull it all back together, reorganize, regroup? Please, do tell.

I'm looking for the spiritual and the practical. I want to know how you deal with life when you realize you're nowhere near getting everything done you meant to do and have to.

Thanks for bearing with me! And I sure could use your prayers this weekend for the Arizona Women's Retreat in Williams. I'm not the only speaker, so would you just pray that we will all deliver God's Word with humility, accuracy, enthusiasm, and clarity? Thanks, you're a sweetheart!