A Grace that Fills in the Gaps


Praise God! For He has doled out 
huge heapings of grace this week, 
grace that fills in all the gaps my mistakes made. 
He has poured into the crevices of my life 
large portions of forgiveness, patience, 
mercy, and abounding love. 

When I have felt alone, 
His presence has tapped me on the shoulder 
and made itself known. Ah, that is so good, 
to not be alone when you thought you were. 

And when I have felt discouraged, 
He has gently, oh so gently, 
lifted my downcast chin, 
drawn my gaze back to His ability, 
His sovereignty, His self-existence. 
And when I have punched aimless 
at my goals and dreams, 
He has drawn me into the safety 
of His plan and purpose for my life, 
one that is good and meaningful.

May you notice the grace of God 
filling in the gaps in your life this weekend. 
When plans do not work out, 
when it rains on your picnic, 
when the drain clogs again,
when the heat is rising,
when people don't show up, 
when the kids don't cooperate or you lose it, 
may you notice that He is still in control. 
He is still oh so good. 

May you feel the gentleness of His Rest 
when you lay your head down at night. 
And may your day begin with brightness 
and hope and joy renewed, 
even if the sun is not shining through your window
or filling your backyard with prisms of promise. 
May the light of your God
be more than enough to fill the gaps 
created by disappointment or discouragement.

Grace abound, to you, dear friend. 
Grace that fills the gaps. 
Because, oh, we all have gaps. 
But you and I, we have a gracious God 
whose love and peace and mercy and kindness 
flow fuller and higher than the gaps we create.  


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