Watch Them Strut Their Stuff!

Because a lot of women involved in church women's ministry read my blog...I think...I hope, we're going to have a little women's ministry fashion show of sorts today.

There will be no bathing suits, no haute couture, and not even the obligatory bridal gown finale. It's not that kind of fashion show.

Instead, we will be watching some winning web sites strut down the runway.

(The Women's Ministry banner at Calvary Baptist Church's website)
I'm constantly perusing churches' women's ministry web pages. It's a great way to find out what's going on with other churches, how they're doing things, what books they're studying, and what kind of events they're hosting for their women.

I've found some great ideas by visiting these web sites, your web sites. I've found:
You gals have some great stuff going on!

But while I'm sure many churches have effective women's ministries, it takes a real knack to create a web site that adequately communicates all that's going on. So today we're going to see a few of the ones I think really shine. And it's not just large churches doing this web thing right either. The ones that capture my attention and wow me are sites that are high on impact, information, and inspiration. 

So, without further ado, let's begin the show, featuring some of the hottest, well planned, most inspiring, and most informational church women's ministry sites. And if your church's site made the list, congratulations! 

To view the fashion show of women's ministry web sites, just click on the links. The web sites should hopefully open in new windows. If, for some reason the sites open at the church's main page instead of the women's ministry page, just click through the menu until you arrive at the appropriate page. They're all fairly easy to navigate. Enjoy the show!
Well, that's the conclusion of today's women's ministry fashion show. If you like this (and you tell me so in the comments) we'll do this again some time. Believe me, there are plenty more wonderful web sites from women's ministries out there. So don't get your feelings hurt if I didn't showcase yours today. I have hundreds in my bookmarks, truly!

Which site was your favorite and why? What do you like to see in a good women's ministry web site?

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