Caught in the Act

13 Things Our Children Need to Catch Us Doing

As I was making my daughter a peanut butter and honey sandwich, I got caught. She caught me licking the little bit of yummy, golden honey that had stayed on the outer edge of the jar after I'd poured a hearty helping out.

Yep. I got caught at something I truly shouldn't have been doing. It happens.

Have you ever been caught by your kids? I'll 'fess up. I've been caught licking the cake batter from the beaters, wearing my running shoes on the carpet, rolling through a stop sign, and sneaking cookies from the jar. Not my best moments.

But there are a few things we should hope our children do catch us doing. These are the things we tend to do in private or rarely, but our children need to catch us in the act at least now and then.

It might be best if they don't catch us forgetting to flush the toilet, but our children could benefit from catching us:

I'll stop my list there and give you the opportunity to add to it. What else should our children "catch us" doing? Besides licking the honey from the rim of the jar, of course.

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