I Need Your Opinion

You showed up on a great day! 

I need some help. That's not something I often admit, unfortunately. But I'm gladly reaching out for your opinion today. 

We're in the process of getting a new, fresh, more up-to-date and inviting cover for my first book, The View from My Front Porch. This 4-week Bible study is a woman's guide to developing a biblical worldview.

While the book is a rather serious look at an important topic, I want the cover to appeal especially to younger women. It's written for women of all ages and so the cover should certainly not exclude older women in any way, but I do want it to have a fresh and current look. 

So, without further ado, I'm giving you a shot at expressing your opinion about the two cover choices. Simply cast your vote for cover option 1 or 2. If you'd like to give a comment or two about why you like one over the other, that would be fine. But I mainly just want your first impression. So take a quick glance and cast your vote.

By the way, I believe in rewards! So I will draw one name for a prize from the many, many comments I'm sure to receive. That prize will be a copy of the book (with whatever new cover we decide upon) and a $15 Starbucks gift card to enjoy while you study it!

So cast your votes!

Option 1


Option 2

Thanks so much for casting your vote. I'll leave these up through Friday at noon Pacific time and then take them down and the contest will be over.


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