An Independence Day Blessing

May your Independence Day burn bright with  
blazing red, pure white and true blue.
May the red blaze streaks across the night skies 
while you "ooh" and "ahh" 
to the familiar strains of patriotic tunes,
and may it remind you of the sacrifices made to birth this nation,
to protect it from enemies overseas and 
threats to its integrity from within,
such as slavery and bigotry and hate.
May the blue shine bright in your skies
while you swim in the deep end, grill your dogs, and cheer on your team,
and may it remind you of the call to loyalty
answered by thousands who have served well.
Finally, may the white, pure and simple,
be as sweet as yummy white cake, 
as cool as the churned cream you dip from your hand-cranked freezer,
and as crisp and refreshing as the sheets you collapse upon 
at the end of the day.
But may it also inspire you to continue 
to hope, to dream, to pray for the land in which you live.

And while you're laughing with friends
and eating the grilled delights from outdoor's flames
and humming the patriotic tunes you learned in grade school
and craning your neck to see the bursts of color in the night sky,

don't forget also to reflect on

the red of the Savior's blood that set us free, free indeed, 
from an evil much more tyrannical than a monarchy across the sea;
the blue of heaven's horizon that reminds us
that our eternity lies in the hands of a gracious and good God;
and the white of the robe you may one day wear,
pristine and pure, without blemish, forevermore
all because
an even greater price was paid than the one we celebrate this day,
this Independence Day.

(today's post was a non-Friday "Summit")

Have a fabulous Fourth of July!

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