What Does a Satisfied Wife Look Like?

No man can completely satisfy his wife. Not mine. Not yours.

Mine has tried.

I'm married to a good and godly man who honestly tries to give me everything he feasibly can. And if I ask for something, he may hem and haw around the price for a minute or two, but he'll never deny me if it's at all in his power to provide what I've asked.

Still, he cannot supply all my needs.

God alone desires to and is able to meet my every need. Whether I'm craving unconditional love, stalwart security, a sense of significance or purpose, my God can completely grant what I ask if I
  1. go to Him and
  2. believe Him.
Unfortunately, I did not always understand this concept. And as a dissatisfied wife, I put a lot of unfair and unreasonable pressure on my husband to meet my needs. When I was down, it was somehow his fault. When I was lonely, I expected him to drop what he was doing and come to my side. When I needed assurance, I expected him to come up with just the right reassuring words to speak over me. You can imagine how that went. I have a good husband, but he's not Shakespeare or Browning. He is, as Tammy Wynette crooned, just a man.

But when a woman learns to run to God with her soul's deepest desires each day instead of her husband, she soon finds that God so supplies her needs that it changes the way she views and responds to the man in her life. In fact, she becomes a completely different kind of woman to be married to.

If you learn to speak to God each morning about your soul's desires, expect Him to meet those needs and wait patiently for Him alone to do just that, here's what you will look like to your man.

A satisfied wife:
Can you see how appealing a truly satisfied woman is to a man? Can you see how a wife who is content and deeply satisfied by her God can infuse her husband with confidence, peace of mind, and ultimately great joy?

For a number of years my husband was married to a very dissatisfied woman. And it took a toll on our marriage and our family. Trust me, you don't want that to be the story of your marriage. Learn to seek all your soul desires from the God who created and loves you. Then you tell me if it makes a difference in your marriage.


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