A Prayer for Sweet Fruit

I've tasted some mighty sweet fruit this week
and it has given me a taste for that which is fresh,
that which is satisfying,
that which is ripe and good and sweet.

I pray that as our week comes to a close
the Vinedresser points out to you and me
the work He has done in our lives
in order that we might bear more fruit.

Pruning can be painful and revealing;
fertilization can burn the heart 
with unfamiliar passion and vision;
spraying for weeds can be humbling;
uprooting that which strangles out,
such as bitterness and envy and arrogance,
can leave behind a void, bothersome and uncertain.

But the Master Gardener knows what He is doing
and He has promised to finish that which He has started,
bringing forth new growth and fruit and blooms of promise.

So while you and I may look back
with deep sighs and groans of growing pains,
we can trust the Master's hand in the orchards of our lives.

The fruit will come.
And it will be sweet and ripe and good,
both to those of us who bear it
and to those who gaze up on it, 
eat of it, and benefit from it.
Then the Master will receive the glory He is due
and lives will be changed,
chins dripping with the sweet fruit 
of restoration and salvation and glory!

May you have a blessed weekend! I'll see you next week...

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