Girl, Work that Meeting!

No one enjoys long, fruitless meetings. You know the kind. You show up for the meeting on time, but it doesn't start on time. There is no agenda, and throughout the time around the table you're wondering what this meeting is really all about anyhow!  No one seems to know the answer to anything and you're wondering if the group is even asking the right questions. After it's all over, when it's all over, you're left scratching your head, trying to remember why you all gathered and what you're supposed to be doing now. Nothing really changed, no plan of action was decided upon, and you have more questions than when you sat down with your legal pad and started doodling on it!

On the other hand, a meeting where measurable, important work actually gets accomplished is invigorating, exciting, and motivating. You leave the table glad that you came, wondering where the time went, united in purpose with those in the circle, and charged to accomplish the task identified on your clearly outlined legal pad of notes.

Whether you're conducting a women's ministry leadership general meeting, a MOPS planning meeting, a retreat organization meeting, a budget meeting or a calendaring session, I've got some tips to offer so that your next meeting

  1. has strong, well-observed boundaries that keep you on track
  2. accomplishes measurable, important work in a timely fashion
  3. and ends with a strong, motivating finish that compels people to get out in the field and accomplish their assigned tasks.
So take less that 11 minutes and find out how to plan and execute a meeting that works!

And hey! Remember, no snickers about the ridiculous freeze frame below! Me and YouTube need to have a little talk about this!

Do you have suggestions to add? What is the most important component of a well-run meeting in your mind? I'd love to know!

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