Taking a Spiritual Turn in the Conversation

Have you ever felt a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit directing you to talk about spiritual things with a friend or even an acquaintance, but felt too nervous or unprepared to take the plunge? Many of us have encountered that nervous feeling from time to time.

It's a crazy thing, really, when you think about it. Why are we hesitant to talk about spiritual things with other people, especially if we know Jesus Christ and He is making a bonafide difference in our lives? Isn't that worth talking about? Isn't He worth sharing? And isn't the hope He gives us worth spreading?

But, whether it's a ploy of the enemy or just a matter of personal insecurities, I've had difficulty at times taking a very real cue from the Holy Spirit to introduce a more spiritual tone to a conversation. I've played it safe and stayed in neutral territory, settling for small talk rather than spiritual talk.

However, over the years, as I've invested myself in ministry opportunities, I've forced myself to try and break through those perceived barriers so I can be a more effective witness for Christ. I'm determined not to waste an opportunity, if I can possibly help it, to share the love of Christ and the hope He gives with anyone who may be the least bit receptive.

Here are a few pointers for gently nudging a conversation toward the spiritual:

Remember, it may seem a little risky to turn the conversation from casual to Christ-centered, small talk to spiritual, but the rewards could be eternal.

Do you have other suggestions for how to open the door to discussing spiritual matters with a friend or acquaintance? What has worked for you? We'd love to know and we'd be encouraged by your input!


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