Transitions and New Beginnings

Please excuse my absence from Off the Beaten Path for a few days. I have been busily helping my little girl grown woman get packed up to move to college. These are bittersweet days. I am so proud of her and ready for her to begin this new phase of life, but I'm equally saddened by the prospect of her absence from our home. It won't be the same around here. She is indeed my daughter by birth and my friend by choice.

So in addition to moving ridiculously large quantities of clothing, hair bows, shoes, and bags up to the third floor of a dorm, I'll be doing a little weeping, a little transitioning. I just may be a little solemn for a few days.

And...because I like to do everything at once...we're also kicking off our 2012-2013 Women's Ministry calendar at church this week. This afternoon we host our Hello, Cupcake! welcome event. Tomorrow we have our first MOPS meeting and Wednesday morning and evening we launch Bible studies. Off we go!

Prayers are much appreciated...

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