What Does a Satisfied Church Member Look Like?

Believe me, if anyone can attest to the fact that there are some grumpy folks in the church, it's me. I've encountered more than my share as a pastor's wife. And that's not to say that I don't like the church. I love the church. It's the bride of Christ, for Pete's sake!

And to be fair, I've found more than my share of lovelies in the church, too. I have been blessed to encounter men and women, filled with the Holy Spirit of God and growing in Christ-likeness daily. People like Frances and Barbara and Beverly and Dean and Karen and Judy and Patty and Pearl and Opal and Libby and Sue.

I could go on.

The point is, there are different kinds of church members. While I won't venture into analyzing the validity of their salvation (2 Timothy 2:19 reminds me that only God knows those who are truly His or not. That's not a call I should try to make.), I do know that God's Word teaches that we will be known by our fruit. And some people aren't bearing much, fruit that is. And quite honestly, some church members even have some rotten fruit hanging from the branches of their lives.

Instead of being laden with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control, they're sprouting less desirable fruit such as bitterness, anger, slander, gossip, contention, discord, jealousy, selfish ambition, and unforgiveness. 

Jesus told His disciples in John 13:34 that their love for one another would distinguish them as His followers. The mark of a genuine Christ follower is not that she knows Scripture fluently, that she can teach a good Bible lesson, that she tithes from her pay check or that she enrolls her children in vacation Bible school. The Christ follower reveals her identity by her loving treatment of, surprisingly, other believers. 

Did you catch that? Jesus didn't even say our love for the world would indicate our genuine Christianity. He said our ability to demonstrate consistent and sacrificial love for one another (church member to church member) would testify to our authentic faith.

Christ desires for brothers and sisters in the church--His body in this present age--to get along, to build up one another, and to demonstrate biblical love, so that the world would take notice and want what we have.

A satisfied church member (and by church member, I mean both a contributing and active member of a local church and a member of the church universal by way of salvation) is one who has not only found salvation in Jesus Christ, but one who has also found how to be completely satisfied in her relationship with that same Savior. She has learned how to eat the Bread of Life so that her soul is completely satisfied with significance, purpose, security, love and so much more.

What does that satisfied woman look like in the context of the local church?

A satisfied church member:
The Bible tells us that in God's house there are vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor (2 Timothy 2:20-21). So I'm not making this distinction up based entirely on personal experience. 2 Timothy 2:21 also tells us that we decide which type of vessel we will be for the Master. We can be clean vessels, ready for His use, or we can be soiled vessels, not only useless, but even damaging to the household.

Are you a satisfied church member? Do you know some? I hope you do! I'm sure you do! Tickle me pink by sharing a brief word of acknowledgment about a satisfied church member you know. You can even name her and tell us how she has blessed you and your church.


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