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Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank God for the Others

"It is not good for man to be alone," You said,
and so You created another.
Not a man, but a woman this time,
one who would speak and laugh and sing,
so the other would  have another
with whom to speak and laugh and sing.

This one would not save or even redeem,
she would only share in the good, the bad, the in between.
She too would stand in need of a savior;
she would be not the Solution,
but just another.

But aren't we glad we don't walk alone,
no matter how narrow or hard the path?
We are not always good at encouraging the other
to take the right path, to choose the good way,
but we try...we persevere...we walk on....
with each other.

Today I thank You, Oh God,
for those whom You sent
to join hands with me
and speak into my life.
I thank you for their wisdom,
their perspective, their love,
and their companionship.
I thank You that when I fall down
they help lift me up.
And when I go astray
they come get me and lead me back to You.
They speak truth,
when it hurts,
when it's hard,
when it heals,
when it's difficult to hear.

And like red apples on a bountiful tree
they have fallen into my life
with sweet friendship and delicious joy.
Good and refreshing and healthy for me,
these others are just the others I need.

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