The Most Delicious Apple of All

As this talk of friendship draws to a close this week, I introduce to you the most cherished variety of all: the Golden Delicious Apple friend.

Proverbs 25:11 says, "The right word spoken at the right time is like a golden apple on a silver platter." Because we've determined that a friend is one who speaks into your life and you speak into hers, then it only stands to reason that a Golden Delicious Apple friend (named such based on Proverbs 25:11) is simply that friend who consistently speaks good into your life while you, likewise, consistently speak good into hers. This is an intentional conversation that has been elevated by both parties involved to achieve a holy purpose in their lives.

If you have one or two or perchance even three of these golden beauties you are a wealthy woman indeed. If you have more, you have been abundantly blessed. It is rare, you see, that two friends actually enter into this kind of covenant relationship where they not only happen to speak well into each others' lives, but purposefully do so.

Make no mistake, Golden Delicious Apple friends are not synonymous with "best friends," though friends may certainly qualify to be both. A best friend could be one you enjoy immensely, spend a lot of time with, have grown to love deeply over the years, and feel a kindred connection with. But a Golden Delicious Apple friend is these things and so much more. She is golden because she:

A - Asks the tough questions and holds you accountable. 
P - Prays for you and even with you.
P - helps you gain godly Perspective over your situations.
L - Listens to you with patience and genuine interest.
E - Encourages you; she infuses you with courage.
S - Sets the Standards high in your relationship, insisting on godliness and holiness.


G - extends to you God's Grace because she has experienced it 
O - is an Oasis to you, providing refreshment, rejuvenation, and rest
L - Laughs with you like no on else can :)
D - is headed in the same Direction as you: toward God and not away from Him.

A Golden Delicious Apple friend is one who consistently sharpens you, makes you better. You are a better person when you are around her and after you leave her presence simply from having been with her. And, because she is your friend and does all of these golden things for you, your other relationships are blessed as well. She doesn't drain from your marriage, but helps you be a better wife. She doesn't sour you on motherhood, but gives you courage, fortitude, and the desire to be a better mom. She doesn't display petty jealousy when you hang with other friends or invest in those relationships, but she helps you be a better friend to the other women in your life. She even helps you figure your mother out so you can be a better daughter in your adult years than your were in your teens. This friend helps you see others with godly perspective, she helps your love for others to grow and she gives you more of the stuff you need to make those relationships blossom; things like patience, enthusiasm, service, and forgiveness.

Do you have such a friend? I'd love to hear about her or them if you're willing to share. Tomorrow I'll share how to find such a friend if you don't have one, but today I'd love to hear about how you and your Golden Delicious Apple friend met up.

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