More Than a Thank You Note

My mom taught me the importance and graciousness of a thank you note. As a young girl and then a young woman, I was required to write a heartfelt note of appreciation and get it in the mail quickly any time I received a gift or a kind deed from someone outside our immediate family. I have tried to pass that standard on to my own children as well, and from what I can tell, they are fairly consistent expressing their thanks to those who have blessed them in some way.

But at Thanksgiving we do more than send notes of appreciation to those who have endowed us with acts of kindness or gifts of love; we pause to thank our Creator and Provider for all He does for us. While it is best to practice an attitude of gratefulness throughout the year, daily, it also serves us well to focus on our thankfulness on this national holiday.

Why is thankfulness expressed so crucial? What happens when we pause, ponder the gifts we have received, acknowledge the giver of those gifts, and verbalize our gratitude? The physical, verbal act of giving thanks does any number of important things for us spiritually.

When we express gratitude:

As Thanksgiving Day fast approaches, let's prepare our hearts to truly take time for a season of praise. Amid the parades and the football games, the cooking and the eating, the perusing of the sale ads and the storming of the malls, I encourage us all to set aside a portion of our time to verbally, sincerely and intentionally thank our gracious God for all He has done for us. Name it out, list it, count them one by one. And tell Him thank you, thank you, thank you. 

And the next day, do it again. Imagine what that would do for our souls!

Have a blessed day!

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