Let's "Give Jesus" This Christmas!

Having endured a large dose of Thanksgiving family drama, a friend recently exclaimed, "I think this Christmas I just need to give everyone in my family Jesus! They need Him more than anything else."

Amen! Right?

My friend immediately purchased two of my Satisfied...at Last! Bible studies and I assume she's giving those to two of the women in her family. I'm in hearty approval of that gift, of course. Giving someone the opportunity to discover Truth is always an appropriate gift.

But my friend's plan got me thinking about other ways we can give those on our gift list Jesus this year. Immediately I thought of things like Christ-focused Christmas cards, an invitation to the church Christmas musical, a spiritual Christmas CD or a beautiful mug with a scripture printed on it.

But something in my spirit wasn't at rest. I felt the Lord telling me that there was a better way to give the true meaning of Christmas to those in my life. His way.

Why not give Jesus the same way He did? You see the Father sent the Son to earth in the flesh for some very specific purposes. The gift of Jesus Christ was not just some warm sentiment of light and joy; He came to do only the very things the Father told Him to do.

So, following that reasoning, this Christmas I'm going to try my best to "give Jesus" to others in four specific ways. Now be warned. These modes of "giving" aren't nearly as easy or cheap or convenient as sending a spiritual sentiment on a Christmas card or wrapping a Christian CD in pretty paper. They will cost me more, but they will truly be in the spirit of Emmanuel, Christ with us.

If I really want to "give Jesus" to those on my list, I'll:

Sure, we can certainly give a book or a CD or scripture on a plaque, but there are better ways to give Jesus this Christmas. Not easier, not cheaper, not more convenient...just better.

How will you "give Jesus" to someone in your life during this sacred time?

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