Need to Burn Some Holiday Calories?

I admit it. I'm a cold weather exercise weenie! I love to get out and walk or hike, but I loathe exercising in the frigid cold. Of course, I also hate exercising in sweltering heat. That's a dilemma for another day, another season.

Now that winter is fast approaching and the morning and evening air is noticeably cooler, it's a little more difficult to enjoy those early morning hikes or late evening brisk walks. But it's important to plow on through and stay in shape, especially as we load on the holiday calories and fat grams.

So, with a little levity and lightness of heart, I thought I'd provide you with a winter weather calorie burning guide today. You have choices, my dear. You can go for your usual walk or run, or you can frolic in the snow...sort of.

Here's the low down for calories burned in 45 minutes of activity by an average (150 lb.) woman (give or take a little depending on your size):

Remember, our bodies are not our own; they are the Lord's temple, His residing place. Let's commit to staying fit and fabulous for Him!

How do you work in your exercise in the colder months? Do you stay inside with a DVD or a class at the gym? Or do you brave the cold and the precipitation?

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